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A repair it yourself tool for Apple iOS devices

UltFone iOS System Repair works by isolating the system files that your Apple iOS device has, and then copies over them with the hopes of fixing whatever probably you have with your Apple Smartphone or device. It also reinstalls missing iOS system files too.

This iOS repair app works in a similar way to iMyFone Fixppo and Repair System Android Fix. This is not a recovery program, but you will lose fewer files than if you use the iOS-made reset tools; making this your second to last resort for recovering use of your device.

Is UltFone iOS System Repair safe?

In the strictest sense, it is safe, but if the problem was malware or some sort of corruption, then a non-official restore tool can compound the issue. However, if you wish to recover photos and videos, then this is a better option than the iTunes factory reset.

Does iOS System Repair Bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

No, this is a tool for rebuilding or resetting the system files in a device to get the device to work again. If the activation lock is your problem, then you need to fix that via official Apple methods.

Problem specific troubleshooting

This Apple recovery app has brilliant tutorials showing people how to use the app depending on what type of device problem they are having. For example, it says what to do if the device is on a boot loop, or is frozen or has a white screen, and so forth.

There is no real way to test the app

If the app is not going to work to fix your specific fault, then this iOS repair tool is useless. Even the free trial doesn't offer any real clue as to if it will work. This may lead to upset customers after they purchase the app only to discover it won't fix their specific problem with their device.


  • Offers repair tools for many types of iOS problem
  • Does not delete data like a factory reset would


  • Have to pay before finding out if it works
  • Can reset without a password but cannot unlock without one

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